Club Information


2017-2018 SEASON

The Methacton Youth Wrestling Club (MYWC) is a non-profit youth wrestling organization, run by volunteers, dedicated to teaching the sport of wrestling to kids from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our goal is to introduce the sport of wrestling while building self confidence, self discipline, good sportsmanship and physical fitness. Practices will begin in November with meets starting in January. We are members of the Inter-County Wrestling League (ICWL) and compete with other teams throughout the league on Saturdays in January and February. The wrestlers are matched up with wrestlers from the other teams by weight, age and level of experience.

Team Name: Methacton Youth Wrestling Club (MYWC)

Region: Middle Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA)

League: Inter-county Wrestling League (ICWL)

ICWL Members

Abington                         Coatesville                        Kennett                          Pennsbury                         Strath Haven
Academy Park               Conestoga                         Lower Merion                Perk Valley                        Upper Dublin
Archbishop Ryan           Council Rock                    Marple-Newtown          Phoenixville                       Upper Merion
Aston                               Downingtown                    Media                             Pottsgrove                         Upper Perk
Avon Grove                     Drexil Hill                           Methacton                     Pottstown                           West Chester
Bensalem                       Great Valley                        Neshaminy                    Radnor                                Wilmington, DE
Boyertown                      Greater Norristown           Norchester                    Ridley                                  Wissahickon
Brandywine                    Hatboro Horsham              North Penn                   Sprinfield
Central Bucks                Haverford                             Octorara                       Spring Ford
Chichester                      Interboro                              Oxford                           Springfield (Delco)

Home Gym: Methacton High School wrestling room
                      1001 Krieble Mill Rd
                      Eagleville, PA 19403

First Practice:

Novice (1st & 2nd year) wrestlers: Wednesday, November 8th

Experienced (3 years or more) wrestlers: Thursday, November 9th

Practice Schedule:

Novice Wrestlers (1st and 2nd year wrestlers) - will practice as follows
Mondays & Wednesdays  7:00 – 8:30 pm

Experienced wrestlers – for wrestlers with 3 or more years of experience
Tuesdays & Thursdays  7:00 – 8:30 pm

Veteran wrestlers will be divided into two groups during practices – both will practice at the same time. The groups will be determined by our coaches.



Team Meets: Definition - our team wrestles against other teams within our league


Seven meets over consecutive Saturdays from December through February. Schedules and meet details will be provided. Transportation is the parents' responsibility.

ICWL Championships:

ICWL First Year Novice Championship - Sunday, February 18th, 2018
ICWL Open Championship (Veteran) – Sunday, February 25th, 2018


We host the Inter-County Wrestling League Novice Championship which is for first-year wrestlers. This is our only fundraiser. Proceeds benefit the children directly throughout the season and at the awards banquet in April. Since this is our only fund raiser, all parents are expected to help even if your children are not wrestling in the tournament. Every year we pride ourselves on running a successful tournament and in order to do this we need everyone’s help. So, save the date . . . February 18th, 2018.

Wrestling Attire/Hygiene:

Your child should wear shorts and a t-shirt for practices. Wrestling shoes and headgear are recommended and can be purchased at local sporting goods stores. No sneakers or other shoes are allowed on the mats. Please do not have your child wear their wrestling shoes to practice; have them wear sneakers and change into their wrestling shoes at practice. Keeping the wrestling mats clean of dirt, debris and germs is extremely important. We clean the mats before every practice. Please help us to continue to keep them clean and in good condition. Your child will be given a team sweat suit to keep. Please write their name on the inside of the sweat suit, this way if they are misplaced we will know who it belongs to. Your child will also be given a wrestling singlet.  This is to be worn for meets and tournaments only. The singlet is to be returned to the club at the end of the season.  DO NOT write anything on the inside of the singlet as these are returned at the end of the season. Please make sure to have your child shower with an anti-bacterial soap after all practices, meets and tournaments.

Parents’ Meetings:

Monthly parents' meetings are held during practice in Room A139 of the High School. Emails will be sent out with the date of our meetings.

Our Philosophy:

The Methacton Youth Wrestling Club was founded on the belief that our children are our most precious natural resource. As such, we wanted to provide a forum with which our children can have fun while learning some very valuable lessons. This organization exists for the children of our community. Their interest is first, last, and foremost in our policies, procedures, and activities.

Any adult who donates time, money, or moral support does so on behalf of the children. No one individual or groups of individuals are above this and therefore will not be permitted to challenge with motivations or actions that conflict with our philosophy. We wish to instill in young children good character and good work habits while emphasizing effort over result.

MYWC’s goal is to inspire our children to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness while encouraging commitment and developing discipline.

The supporting objectives of the organization in order to achieve our goals are to:

Let the children have fun.

Teach the children how to compete with good sportsmanship.

Learn how to win with style and lose with grace.

Learn the importance of responsibility.

Reinforce the values of teamwork, cooperation and commitment.

Have the adults lead by example.

Expectation of the Children:

Over the past few years, we have been extremely proud of the comments from league officials, referees, coaches, and parents about how well mannered our children are and how orderly our organization is. This speaks well of the quality of people we have in our program. We expect this year to be no different.

One of the challenges of athletics is teaching children how to be competitive within the rules and still maintain the appropriate behavior on the mats as well. We expect from the children the following:

Maintain your studies.

Respect authority.

Be courteous and well mannered.

Be responsible for your uniform.

Show respect for your teammates and opponents.

Keep the gym clean.

Have fun!

Expectation of Adult Members:

In order for us to make this season a positive learning experience for the children, parental and adult member cooperation is a must. As adults, we are expected to lead by example. Our conduct and demeanor is a direct reflection on the children and the organization. Please make sure it is a positive one. Be supportive of the coaches and members of the organization in front of the children. This reinforces respect for authority and discipline.

Please keep in mind that our coaching staff and officers are volunteering a lot of time to help your child learn the sport of wrestling and have it be a positive experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please see one of the coaching staff or club officers.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for the officials and competing members of our league. Abusive conduct, heckling or other unsportsmanlike action is in direct conflict with our philosophy and is a bad example for the children. The league is very strict about this, and we will not allow anyone to violate this rule. Any violation will be dealt with swiftly and effectively for the good of the program. Remember, wrestling is supposed to be fun. Adults, coaches and officials will make mistakes, and sometimes it may even be unfair, however we must display conduct that will allow the children to learn how to cope with this without losing their self-respect or the respect of others.

Reinforce the value of teamwork and commitment by bringing your children to all meets and practices on time. If your child cannot participate in any meet or practice, please call the head coach before the scheduled time. It is not fair to keep the team and their opponents waiting. Our coaches spend several hours each week setting up individual wrestling matches for your child at the meets. If your wrestler is a no-show, this not only creates extra work for the coaches but may disappoint someone else’s child. Be considerate.

Please have your children take responsibility for their uniform. The parents must pay to replace it if lost, damaged or not returned on request.

Remember, you are a stranger in the organization only once. Please introduce yourself to the coaches and organization members. We are happy to welcome you to the Methacton Youth Wrestling Club!